Amanda is Guilty Pleasure's front performer and hits the stage with a powerful delivery of pitch, range and vocal ability unheard of in the local realm.
  Her preference is to rock out singing the Pretty Reckless and Black Veil Brides, but makes no fuss about kicking it down home country to some Carrie Underwood. Amanda has had the pleasure of singing in the presences of LeAnn Rimes and her management group as one of her greatest musical experiences.
  She enjoys the wild twist of Tim Burton(The Nightmarre Before Christmas) and Darren Smith and Terrence Zdunich(Repo, The Genetic Opera.)
  Amanda brings the Country influence to the band with a wild migratory shift toward the harder edge of NEW Rock n Roll!
Bert is the founder of Guilty Pleasure and the positive drive in the band as the Guitar Player and Backing Vocalist, pulling off both positions as a veteran pro.
  Bert played Lead guitar in many bands over the years including Dr. Strangelove, One Eyed Jack, and Random Blue.
  He is heavily influenced by Sevendust, Dream Theater, and many other progressive style Heavy Metal Artists. Although he has made a smooth transition and appreciates the new styles of music he has adapted to for Guilty Pleasure. 
  Bert often makes the song selections for the band no matter the difficulty or the different style of playing he may face! He thoroughly enjoys writing original music and recording them at various professional studios as well as in our home studio. You may hear one or two at our shows.
  Mike has been the drummer in many different bands over the last 30 years including BlackBush, Dr. Strangelove, and One Eyed Jack. He Brings Lead Vocals and Backing harmonies to the show as well as playing the drums.
  Growing up in a musically eclectic family, it was easy for him to adapt to any genre of music.
  Mike is often called on by bands to fill in as needed. He is influenced by Aerosmith, Kiss, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince and Elvis.
  Although he aims to please as many as possible, a wicked crazy sense of humor with no filter attached means you never know what you might get engaging in conversation. But be sure it will probably leave you laughing! 
 Mark is the original Bass Player for Guilty Pleasure and has just recently rejoined the line-up.

 He has layed the foundation in local bands including HardBottle, Bedrock, Roxygin, DeadBolt and many more for 20+ years and we're glad to have him on board!

 Mark brings high energy and dedicated musicianship to  Guilty Pleasure with a fun party attitude!

 You can always expect Mark to make the best of any situation and make every party a fun one! Not to mention ripping up the rhythm section with precision grooves!